Board of Directors

Board Meetings

The Board is supported by the focused work of committees in the areas of Member Outreach, Finances, and Governance. These committees are always open to input and involvement of member volunteers. The Board of Directors meets the 3rd Wednesday of *most* months. The meetings are open to all Co-op members. Email if you would like to attend and get the location and agenda of the upcoming month’s meeting.

The next board meeting is on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 5:30 pm.

This month’s meeting is located at New England College, 62 North Main Street, Concord NH. Please email if you have any questions.

The Board of Directors plays a critical role in ensuring the continued success and health of this vital organization. We represent our member-owners in determining appropriate organization and performance. We are engaged primarily in developing the vision and long-term viability of the Co-op. We do not run the store, nor do we have direct control over its daily operations.
Board expectations include:
• A solid three-year commitment to the Board of Directors
• To be a member and regular shopper of the Co-op
• Preparation for and attendance at monthly board meetings
• Attendance at Board training sessions and annual retreat, annual meetings and select Co-op events
• Active participation in the Board’s meetings, committee work, training sessions, and recruiting activities
• Ability to understand financial statements
• A genuine interest in cooperative issues and our community and a willingness to take responsibility for Board duties and work together with understanding, mutual support, and respect to make decisions that will enhance the viability of the Co-op

Our Board Of Directors


Cathy MenardCathy Menard, President

It’s been fun to be part of recent progress at the Co-op.  For me the heart of what the Co-op is about is finding the balance of livable wages for our employees, fair prices for members and fair prices for farmers and producers.  I’m a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and work as Controller at Riverbend Community Mental Health Services. I am married to Betsy Black, live in Concord on the modest end of Auburn Street and became a Co-op member in 1983.


Krista HelmboldtKrista Helmboldt, Vice President

I grew up with a Mom and Oma who belonged to our local co-op in the 1970’s. When I moved to Concord in 1987 as a young adult out of college, one of my first actions was to join the Concord Food Cooperative – I felt that was a fundamental aspect of living in this community. Our household does most of our shopping at the Co-op, and when I travel, I seek out co-ops for healthy food, a sense of the community, and a connection with people and values in which I believe. I served on the Co-op Board for seven years (part of that time as President) as we made the move from State Street to our current location. I am now inspired to serve on the Board again to help guide the Co-op through our current growth opportunities. I measure the health of any community by the vibrance of its food cooperative, and I am proud of our Concord Co-op and its vital role in making Concord such a good community to live in. I am proud of the products we sell, as well as the good people who are involved as staff, volunteers, farmers, producers, members, and shoppers.


Finis Williams, PresidentFinis Williams, Treasurer

I joined the Co-op Board because I wanted to be more involved in local organizations. I have lived in Concord for the past 20 years and support the wine tasting evening events and the Co-op’s commitment to locally grown, organic products. I have served as past President and have been on the Board for over 20 years for the New Hampshire Association for Justice, formerly New Hampshire Trial Lawyers Association. I am on the Board of Governors for the American Association for Justice, formerly Association of Trial Lawyers of America. I have also served as legal counsel to the New Hampshire Democratic Party from 2002 until 2008.


James McConahaJames McConaha, Secretary

I live in Concord and have been a customer and member of the Concord Food Coop for a long time. Since we gave up cooking several years ago, we visit the Co-op almost every day.
Many people now regard the Co-op as a fancy, high-priced gourmet shop. We deserve more of what we really need: high-quality natural and organic foods, environmentally sound products, and careful stewardship of the money we spend. In addition to focusing on these goals, as a board member I will work for transparency in financial management and employee relations, active board communication with member-owners, and a productive and rewarding work environment.
My life to date: I grew up on a farm and served in the U.S. Air Force. I taught political and environmental science at the University of Maine and New England College, owned and operated my own business, directed the USDA Farm Service Agency and served as the State’s Historic Preservation Officer. I’ve been a member of the Concord Heritage Commission, active in community development issues, and treasurer of many organizations.

Ted EvansTedd Evans

I’m proud to serve as a Concord Food Cooperative board member because I believe strongly that there is a significant advantage to a member-owned organization that responds to membership needs rather than only to profit motives. I have some experiences as a board member of other organizations and have an appreciation for team approaches to problem solving, planning, and strategizing. I spent nine years on the Board for the Licensing and Regulation of Plumbers, several of which I served as Chair. I am currently a Board member of the New Hampshire Building Official Association. I have a strong interest in healthy food and appreciate the Co-op’s efforts to provide the community with organic options, even before the larger popularity of such products in the mainstream.


David MarshallDavid Marshall

David is a long-standing member of the Co-op and this community. He is a senior attorney with the Clean Air Task Force and works to make international regulations on shipping pollution stronger, reduce diesel emissions from heavy-duty vehicles in the United States, and has worked on collaborative efforts to enforce stringent regulations on fossil fuel power plants.


Ted EvansTracie Sponenberg

Several years ago, my husband and I made a commitment to get healthy for ourselves, and for our family.  We changed the way we ate, started exercising and consequently lost weight and felt better.  About a year later, we decided to start to eat more organically and naturally, and started shopping at the Co-op regularly.  Though we went on occasion, we made a commitment to eat as locally as we could, and purchased a membership to the Co-op. We live in Concord, I shop regularly at the Co-op, enjoy being involved in my community, and truly believe in what the Co-op represents. I am currently the Senior Vice President, Human Resources at The Granite Group, headquartered on Storrs Street in Concord. As a Human Resources professional with over 20 years of experience in HR, I bring strong knowledge of HR issues.  As a strategic business professional, I have worked in various companies alongside the CEO, CFO and other senior professionals to drive the business forward, and connect the people to the mission, vision and values of the company. I understand the importance of health and wellness not only in my companies (in my past two companies, we have undergone major transformations in the wellness programs), but also in families.  As parents of three, my husband and I try to ensure our kids eat as locally as possible, and as healthy as possible.  Often an uphill battle, but we keep trying!


Derek OwenDerek Owen

I am a lifelong resident of Hopkinton, a farmer, entrepreneur, environmentalist, and longtime participant in community affairs. My wife Ruth and I have a homestead farm in Hopkinton that regularly provides eggs for the Co-op. We appreciate our connection with the Co-op as we have hosted and led activities for many Co-op events and stop by the store almost daily to pick up kitchen and produce waste to feed our pigs. Our life is dedicated to organic homesteading and education. We hand-milk our dairy cows for a handful of local customers and regularly host WWOOFers and other traveling farm students. We run workshops and classes year round teaching farm crafts like candle-making, soap-making, felting, canning, and pickling. I have been a member of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Hampshire for two decades and advocate for environmental and agricultural practices that “first, do no harm.” On the political front, I’ve been a member of the NH House of Representatives for 10 terms and have also served our Hopkinton community as Charmain of the town Conservation Commission as well as a member of both the Recreation and Recycling Committees. I am well-known for building traditional New England stone walls.

Pete Engel

Our family has been involved with the Co-op since it was located on State Street, and has enjoyed the selection of products, co-op employees expertise, and shopping experience through the years. I now have the time, and am pleased to share my retail experience with this organization. Pete is retired as the former Director of Store Operations NH State Liquor Commission. He and his family live in Concord.