Co-op eShop Logo (powered by Rosie)

Effective Monday 8/3, with Co-op eShop you will have access to all of your favorite items from the convenience of your computer or mobile phone (via Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Simply create an account, place your order, and use DoorDash for home delivery, or visit the Concord store to pick up your order!

How will you get started?

You will go to and on the main menu select “eShop”.  Once on the Co-op eShop page, you can click the eShop logo to get started. You will be prompted to create an account with Rosie, the online software provider. It will only take a couple minutes to provide basic information about yourself. With an account created, you can start searching for items and adding goods to your cart – it’s that simple!

Click here to place your order.

Additional charges will apply.

eShop parking lot pickup is only offered at our Concord location.


Knowing that customers might be skeptical about the selection process of their perishables, our shoppers take extra care to select the highest quality, freshest goods for your order.  To assist in receiving exactly what you want, use the “notes” section of the items in your cart to add special instructions for our shopper – that way your shopper will know the specifics, such as how ripe you like your produce, or how thin you like your deli meat sliced.


Co-op eShop offers Health & Beauty Line Drives, Co-op Deals, Member Discounts and more. If you want to know what’s on sale while doing your online shopping, use the “sales” category when perusing our online store.


With the exception of sales items that are the same on eShop and in-store, item prices are higher than in-store prices. In-store prices, promotions, offers, coupons and discounts may not apply. However, member/owner discounts will apply. (Member/Owners- The first time you check out on the eShop Rosie Ap, be sure to provide your member or phone number so that you receive all owner benefits. You will only need to do it one time.)

There is a $5.00 pickup order fee that is waived for orders of $100 and up.

If using DoorDash service, DoorDash sets the delivery fee.


To receive full member benefits when using eShop, don’t forget to enter your membership number, or telephone number the first time you check out. You will only need to do it one time. 


Unfortunately, EBT purchases  cannot be accepted on line.