Membership Benefits

Everyone is Welcome to Shop at the Co-op… but Becoming a Member has its Perks!

“A co-op is as strong as the members who own and participate in it.”

Become a Member-Owner Now!

Save time in-store and make your Co-op member investment online using the product icon below. During your next visit we will have your member packet ready for you to pick up. Co-op member-benefits are valid at both our locations, Concord and New London. (Please allow 1-2 business days processing before picking up your membership packet.)

Complete Your Membership Now!

If you have already purchased one or more shares but need to purchase the rest to complete your membership, simply click the icon below, select the number of shares you would like to purchase and add them to your cart. Then, click View Cart (above right) and complete the checkout process.

What Is a Co-op?

  • Cooperatives are member-owned, member-governed businesses that operate for the benefit of their members according to common principles. Individuals can be members, not entities. (To read the Co-op by-laws click here).   Becoming a member-owner of the Concord Food Co-op is an investment in your community. The Co-op serves our member’s needs for local, organic, natural, and eco-friendly products. In turn, we need the financial support of our membership to improve and expand our product lines, services, and equipment. It also allows us to take on special projects that support our local farmers, downtown community, like-minded nonprofits, and educational programs in wellness and agriculture for our community at large. Membership means helping the Co-op provide you with more of what you want. We are much more than just a grocery store.

Member Benefits 2019

  • Save 10% on groceries six times a year (You pick the day) during specified months (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec) by showing your member Id at check out.  (some exclusions apply, see card).
  • Save with monthly member-only special prices throughout the store. (Items are available while supplies last.)
  • You share in the stores’ profits through our patronage refund. In every year that the Co-op is profitable, our net profits will be divided up and given back to members in the form of a check and store equity.
  • You can participate in the governance of your Co-op by voting in annual and special elections and running to serve on our Board of Directors. 
  • You and your family are invited to join us for our Annual Member Celebration in the fall, including food, music, and activities provided by the Co-op.
  • You and your family are invited to join us at Canterbury Shaker Village for the Annual Garden Party.
  • You can order products through the Co-op’s Buying Club for even greater savings.
  • You receive access to membership to the New Hampshire Federal Credit Union. Click here to learn more about NHFCU!  
  • Discounted rate on auto, home and other personal insurance products through Liberty Mutual Rep. and Co-op member, Scott Pratt. For more information
  • Members aged 62 and older may receive a 15% Senior Discount every Sunday and Tuesday! Click here to download the application or see a cashier to sign up.
  • Free Individual membership for the 2018 season (Through Oct 26) to Canterbury Shaker Village.  Just show your Co-op membership at the admissission desk at Canterbury Shaker Village.

How to Join the Co-op

It’s easy to become a member of the Co-op. Use the product icon above or during your next visit, tell the cashier that you would like to join. The cost of membership is $100 per household, one time. You’ll have the option of paying your equity all at once or in quarterly installments. Members who choose to pay all at once receive a $10 coupon toward that day’s groceries. There are no annual dues or additional costs.

This is not a fee that you pay and lose. If you decide to end your membership, you can ask the Co-op to repurchase your membership shares and return you equity investment.

Member Equity Requirements to Join the Co-op

Here are some useful stats on membership and membership equity:

  • $100 Equity Contribution per household. This is the cost to become a member.
  • The A Share is your first $25 payment, and it gives you most of your Co-op benefits immediately.
  • The B Shares comprise your three remaining $25 payments. Once you have one A and three B Shares, you are eligible to vote, receive a patronage refund, and receive Member Appreciation Discounts.
  • You can pay for all these shares at once for $100 or in four quarterly installments.
  • There are no annual dues or fees.
  • One household member may vote on the Co-op’s issues. Each additional voting member per household requires an additional $100 equity investment.
  • Your Equity Investment is completely refundable should you ever move or choose to leave the Co-op. Simply contact our Finance Manager Peter Deleault at 603.227.9696 or email him at admin at

Receiving Patronage Refunds

Only member-owners of the Co-op who have $100 of equity contribution at the end of the fiscal year in which a patronage refund is declared, are eligible to receive a refund when the Co-op is profitable. This means that when the organization achieves a positive net income for the fiscal year, the Board of Directors may designate a portion of the profit be returned to the members in the form of a refund check.

A refund is calculated like this: Each time a member shops the Co-op, we scan your member card, allowing us to track your total purchases throughout the year. In years when the Co-op is profitable and the Board of Directors approves a patronage refund, each member receives a percentage of their total purchases in the form of a refund check and/or membership shares. However, during any year in which the Co-op does not achieve a positive net income, members would not receive a refund check or equity shares, thereby sharing in the Co-op’s financial ups and downs. Checks are mailed after the annual audit is complete in late autumn, pending approval by the Board of Directors.