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Tasty Thursday, February 2016

If you didn’t make it out to this February’s sample event at the Co-op here is what you missed!
As you entered the store the produce department was freshly scented with fresh cut citrus. Jay and Che had different varieties of oranges for sample before you made your selections. And if that didn’t get your taste buds excited, next to try was three different varieties of Almond Cheeses. Any vegan will appreciate a good traditional cheese alternative and these three definitely will satisfy the palate of every taste. The Co-op has smooth and creamy mozzarella, bright cheddar and a spice jalapeno pepper jack, look in the vegan case as you enter the Concord store.
Bill from Oddball Brewing, a new nano brewery from Suncook, NH, was pouring samples of their latest creations. Adults were able to enjoy the refreshing Wanderlust Wheat, perfect after a day of outdoors activities, the very popular Hoptomic Imperial IPA that is great for sharing with a good friend, and the Sandman Stout that will go down a treat for any stout fan. Get them while they are available fresh from the beer cooler.
Around the corner adults could continue their thirst quenching samples with the Co-op’s wines of the month from Natura and four different flavors of mead from Sap House Meadery. While many think a bottle or two of wine is romantic, try some sweet mead for your Valentine next weekend, after all, mead is the “drink of love”. In ancient customs of marriage newly weds were provided with a whole moons worth of mead to encourage fertility and virility, hence the word “honeymoon”. The Co-op has plenty of romantic flavors of Sap House Mead for you to choose from like Vanilla Bean, Blueberry, or Sugar Maple, look near the wines.
So if you were ready to start nibbling last night our Co-op bakers prepared samples of their Cheesecake of the Month, Key Lime & White Chocolate with Blackberry Compote, another romantic treat! You can pick up an individual serving to share or call ahead to order an entire cake, perfect for any occasion.
After such a sweet morsel, shoppers could mosey over to the Co-op’s cheese case to sample some Jamaican jerk spiced cows Milk Cheese called No Woman from Beecher’s and a cheddar from 5 Spoke, both NY creameries. The No Woman was very good and I would highly recommend you put some on your Superbowl shopping list!
And lastly, before you are ready to check out with all your goodies and receive Double Co-op Green Stamps, there were Marich chocolate covered popcorn treats that I don’t think anyone could pass by!
Don’t miss the next free sample evening at the Co-op during our Double Down Green Stamp Day, March 3. Click here to view more details and even more Co-op events!