Concord Food Co-op

The Co-op’s Round-It-Up at the Register program is an easy way for Co-op shoppers to donate to local organizations that are making our community a better place. Our Change Matters program provides shoppers an opportunity to help local community-enrichment organizations by making small-change donations, which accumulate into a meaningful contribution for the recipient. Round-It-Up at the Register is a simple program which will empower our shoppers to round their purchase to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to our partnered organization. For example, if a transaction totals $4.51, you will have the option of rounding your purchase up to $5.00 and donating $0.49 to the partner organization.

“Round-It-Up really generated a lot of excitement among our staff, members, and stakeholders. We are grateful to have been selected and the funds will assist us in providing support and education to individuals, families, and communities impacted, by mental illness and suicide.”  – Kenneth Norton, Executive Director, NAMI NH

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has been given to local nonprofits through our Round-it-Up at the Register Program

2021 Round-it-Up at the Register Recipients:

Past Recipients of Round-it-Up 

  • Concord Coalition to End Homelessness – Dec. 2020 $3,207
  • Friendly Kitchen- Nov. 2020  $3,363
  • Planned Parenthood- Oct. 2020 $3,253.69
  • Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation- Sept. 2020 $2,617
  • NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence – Aug. 2020  $3,454
  • Pope Memorial SPCA – July 2020 $3,121
  • Equality Health Center- June 2020 $2,463
  • Live and Let Live Rescue Farm- May 2020 $2,388
  • The Friendly Kitchen    April 2020 $2,472.60
  •  Concord Robotics: Team 1721 – Tidal Force Robotics March 2020 $3276
  • Crisis Center of Central NH Feb. 2020  $5517
  •  NAMI NH (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Jan. 2020  $5722
  • Pope Memorial SPCA Dec. 2019 $6029 
  • Concord Coalition to End Homelessness Nov. 2019 $3327 
  •  Community Action Program Oct. 2019 $3347
  •  Intown Concord Sept. 2019 $3003.11
  •  Crisis Center of Central NH Aug. 2019 $4449.60
  •  Friendly Kitchen July 2019  $3553
  •  Friends Emergency Shelter June 2019  $3337
  •  CATCH Neighborhood Housing May 2019  $3000.00
  •  NOFA NH  April 2019  $450 (First Month of Program)

How were 2021 nonprofits selected?

Many in our area communities face hardship due to record unemployment and economic instability.  The Concord Food Co-op Board seeks to respond to this need by dedicating our 2021 Round-it-Up at the Register Program to support those most affected by COVID-19.  Concern for our community is very much in harmony with the Co-op’s mission to provide healthy food and promote wellness in the community.  Each month in 2021, Co-op customers will be able to donate their small change to support local not-for-profits who offer care and basic human services to those families and individuals who need it the most.