Concord Food Co-op

Equity Requirements to Own the Co-op

Here are some useful facts about Ownership and equity:

  • $100 equity contribution per household. This is the cost to become an Owner of the Co-op.
  • The A Share is your first $25 payment, and it gives you most of your Co-op Owner benefits immediately.
  • The B Shares comprise your three remaining $25 payments. Once you have one A and three B Shares, you are eligible to vote and receive a patronage refund.
  • You can pay for all these shares at once for $100 or in four $25 quarterly installments.
  • There are no annual dues or fees.
  • One household member may vote on the Co-op’s issues. Each additional voting member per household requires an additional $100 equity investment.
  • Your equity investment is completely refundable should you ever move or choose to leave the Co-op. Simply contact our Finance Manager Peter Deleault at 603.227.9696 or email him at

Receiving Patronage Refunds

Only Owners of the Co-op who have $100 of equity contribution at the end of the fiscal year in which a patronage refund is declared are eligible to receive a refund when the Co-op is profitable. This means that when the organization achieves a positive net income for the fiscal year, the Board of Directors may designate a portion of the profit be returned to the Owners in the form of a refund check.

A refund is calculated like this: Each time an Owner shops the Co-op, we scan your Owner card, allowing us to track your total purchases throughout the year. In years when the Co-op is profitable and the Board of Directors approves a patronage refund, each Owner receives a percentage of their total purchases in the form of a refund check and/or equity shares. However, during any year in which the Co-op does not achieve a positive net income, Owners would not receive a refund check or equity shares, thereby sharing in the Co-op’s financial ups and downs. Checks are mailed after the annual audit is complete in late autumn, pending approval by the Board of Directors.