Go Green

Earth Day at the Co-op

by Jaimie Jusczyk, Marketing Specialist

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In support of Earth Day the Co-op wants you to bring in your reusable shopping bags, reusable bulk containers, or reusable hot bar/salad bar/olive bar containers to shop the Co-op and receive Double Down Green Stamps for your entire purchase on Friday, April 22, 2016! Together our small “Acts of Green” will collectively make a big difference. And while we don’t reward you every day with Double Down Green Stamps for “being green”, you are always welcome to bring in your reusable containers.
Don’t forget to have a cashier weigh your reusable containers and give you the tare before you fill them so we don’t charge you the weight of the container!
For more information about Earth Day visit…

Bonus for Co-op members in 2016…

If you haven’t already ask a cashier during your next visit for your free reusable Co-op bag or t-shirt! The reusable bags are perfect to show your support for Earth Day and will get you Double Down Green Stamps too! But if you already have a huge stash of reusable bags, ask for a free Member-Owner Co-op t-shirt to wear with pride instead.

What kind of containers do I bring to the Co-op to use in the bulk department?

Depending on what I am shopping for, I bring anything from mason jars, glass storage containers (find a set of four on our Green Stamp Program!), BPA-free plastic “lunch box” type containers, reusable and seal-able bags, old spice jars, just about anything that will fit the amount of product I want and can be cleaned for reuse!

What are some of my favorite things to buy in bulk?

I enjoy being able to try different kinds of rice in just the right serving size for what I am making it for. I also keep an eye out for which is currently on sale and then work an entree dish around that. For example if jasmine rice is on sale I will make a sweet yellow curry or if wild rice is on sale I might make a turkey wild rice soup.
I love how cheap it is to pick up all the spices to make a delicious curry or BBQ seasoning without having lots of left overs I won’t use before they start to go stale. I can use the measuring spoon to buy the perfect amount for the recipe I am following. it also means no more oddball spices filling kitchen cupboards for years
The bulk maple syrup from North Family Farm is a favorite in my house too, and it’s actually a couple dollars cheaper in bulk per pound than if you buy it in the bottle on the shelf! I bring in my pretty syrup container, have the cashier weigh it and give me the tare before I fill it up with local syrup.
And then one more favorite for me is the Marich chocolates and candies. Bright, colorful and very tasty, the bulk jelly beans are the perfect little sugary treat where I don’t need to buy a huge bag, just a handful to get me through the occasional long afternoon.

There are lots of other ways to be “green” at the Co-op too. Share in the comments how you reuse and recycle at the Co-op!