Concord Food Co-op

By-laws, Meeting Minutes & Annual Reports

Message to Owners – June 2020, June 2019,  February 2019


To read the current by-laws, click here.

Board Policy Register

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Annual Reports

To see the 2020 Annual Report, Click here.

To see the 2019 Annual Report, click here.

To see the 2018 Annual Report, click here.

To see the 2017 Annual Report, click here.

To see the 2016 Annual Report, click here.

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Board Meetings

The Board is supported by the focused work of committees in the areas of Owner Outreach, Finances, and Governance. These committees are always open to input and involvement of member volunteers.

The Board is currently holding online meetings.  Effective 6/17, Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the Month.

The next Board meeting is 11/18/20 at 4 pm.

Email if you would like to receive the log in information to attend the online meeting.

Board Meeting Minutes:

Note: Each month’s minutes are approved at the following month’s meeting and are posted to our website shortly thereafter.

Posting the Co-op board minutes gets interrupted in the fall by the Annual Member meeting and then the board retreat:

In September we have the Annual Meeting and board election.  You can read the results here:

In October we always have a board planning retreat.  Rather than conducting regular Co-op business, we welcome the new board members and do planning work.

This means that the last regular meeting was in August, and the minutes for that meeting will be approved at our November meeting and then posted.  So please be patient with us!    


Board Meeting Agendas:

Note: Each month’s agendas are posted approximately one week before the meeting date.