Wine of the Month

The Co-op has an extensive portfolio of organic and all-natural wines for you to choose from. Featuring favorites like Our Daily Red, Korbel, Wild Oats, Natura, Charles Smith, Stellar Organics and many more, our wine buyer works hard to bring you the very best from all over the USA, South America, Europe and Australasia. Whether you are looking for a light white to sip on the deck in the summer or a hearty red to enjoy with your Valentine, the Co-op’s wine selection has something for every palate and wallet.

Monthly Wine & Cheese Deals at the Co-op


Just in case you needed an excuse to indulge… the Co-op has launched an extra special Wines of the Month program! You can find the featured vineyard (often with multiple varieties of wine) on display in the Concord store or in our New London store in the wine section.

June 2016, Volcanes

Over millions of years the fury of Chile’s volcanoes has created valleys with exceptional soils that are ideal for agriculture. These forces of nature have formed rare and remarkable terroirs suitable for growing vines with a distinctive volcanic origin. The unique added value of Chile’s geography was the inspiration for Bodega Volcanes de Chile. Our mission is to create wines that are singularized by the quality of the grapes grown on these volcanic soils. Bodega Volcanes sees itself as one the great pioneers in the Chilean wine industry by venturing into this new form of viticulture.  We are committed to producing high quality, distinctive wines that express the hidden secrets of this unique terroir.
Choose from the following organic varieties; Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet Sauvignon for only $11.49 each.



wineJuly 2016, Riojana

“La Riojana is one of the largest co-operatives in Argentina and is currently ranked the country’s third largest wine exporter (by volume). But for our growers, their families and the communities they support, La Riojana means so much more than just the company to whom they sell their grapes. We are linked by far more than just doing business together. We share the same history and the same backgrounds that go back through four generations to the 1940s. To a time when our ancestors, many of whom were wine growers from Italy, first came to the area of La Rioja in north west Argentina and decided to come together to make wine. What started out as a small bodega, buying in grapes to turn to wine, slowly grew as different families made La Rioja province their home and started planting their own vines. Hundreds of families have followed in their footsteps, all working together to share their grapes and build what has become the La Riojana co-operative we know today.”
Choose from the following varieties; Bonarda Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Malbec for only $8.39 each.