Wine of the Month

Monthly Wine & Cheese Deals at the Co-op

Just in case you needed an excuse to indulge this summer… the Co-op has just launched an extra special Wines of the Month program! You can find the featured vineyard (often with multiple types of wine) on display between the artisanal cheese case and the dairy cooler in the Concord store or in our New London store in the wine section. Print out your coupons for $5 off your cheese selection when you purchase three bottles of the Wine of the Month. Be sure to stop by for our upcoming wine and cheese tasting events, too!


Tierra del Fuego
At the end of South America, in Chile, you can find the Maule Valley. From its source in the Andes Mountains, the Maule River irrigates the Pangal Vineyards where Tierra del Fuego grapes are grown before continuing to the Pacific Ocean. In the Maule Valley the grapes slowly grow developing colors, flavors, and unique character and identity.
In demonstration of the care and the commitment their land, Tierra del Fuego wines use biodegradable and ecological products for the growing of the vines and elaboration of wines. In 2011 Tierra del Fuego was certified by Wines of Chile as a Sustainable winery, which confirms their commitment to the environment, social liability and economical viability.


Van Ruiten
Van Ruiten Winery is located Mid-way between the Sierra Foothills and San Francisco Bay Delta. The Lodi vineyards owned by the Van Ruiten Family profit from the ideal delta influenced climate (cool afternoon breeze) Before settlement, the Lodi area now known as the Lodi Appellation was often an inland sea after winter rains and spring snow melt. The resulting flood drainage and soil deposits surrounding Lodi left a rich soil that drains easily, producing one-of-a-kind harvests.
Growers limit crop protection to only essential measures in their vineyards by keeping track of pest numbers and their natural enemies so action is only taken when it is absolutely necessary. They create and maintain habitat for natural enemies of pests. Van Ruiten integrates the management of their vineyards with the ecosystem by providing riparian zones, introducing and preserving native grasses and trees, maintaining vernal pools, protecting wildlife habitat, and installing nesting boxes for owls, birds, and bats.