Wine of the Month

Monthly Wine & Cheese Deals at the Co-op

Just in case you needed an excuse to indulge this summer… the Co-op has just launched an extra special Wines of the Month program! You can find the featured vineyard (often with multiple types of wine) on display between the artisanal cheese case and the dairy cooler in the Concord store or in our New London store in the wine section. Print out your coupons for $5 off your cheese selection when you purchase three bottles of the Wine of the Month. Be sure to stop by for our upcoming wine and cheese tasting events, too!

Here’s the Summer Selection of Wines…


Energy efficiency, climate change, and social responsibility are priority issues at Emiliana, the producers of organic and biodynamic Natura wines, based in Chile. Sustainability at the vineyards are addressed in a variety of ways: reducing carbon emissions, improving production management practices to minimize the impact on the ecosystems, and increasing the interaction of native species on their properties. The vineyards feature mobile chicken coops, apiculture and olive groves, and biological corridors. Natura believes that organic viticulture leads to healthier vineyards and a higher-quality, better-tasting wine where the true character of the grape comes through.


Sourced from select cool-climate vineyards along California’s Central Coast, 10SPAN fine wines showcase the best of Monterey and Santa Barbara Counties. The region’s cool ocean breezes travel from the Pacific Ocean through to the coastal mountains to cultivate distinct microclimates. This allows for a long growing season and slow, even ripening in which the vineyards’ select grape varietals thrive. The region is also home to the graceful California condor, the inspiration behind the 10SPAN brand and its name. A portion of 10Span sales benefits the Ventana Wildlife Society to help reintroduce this endangered, majestic bird back into its native habitat in central California.


Bonterra has been producing wine from 100 percent organically grown grapes in Mendocino County, California, since 1993. Biodiversity is a critical focus at Bonterra. In contrast to the traditional monocrop of grapes, at Bonterra you’ll find the vineyards interspersed with lavender, poppies, olives, hundreds of plants, chickens, sheep, and wildlife. “We know that diversity on our ranches is imperative for the health of our grapes and our ecosystem.” Bonterra’s organic practices produce grapes that offer a quality of fruit and vibrancy of taste that allows Bonterra to create wines that express the purity and intensity of each varietal’s unique character.