Farm 2 Fork

What is Farm 2 Fork?

By Shane Smith, Outreach Coordinator

This blog will tell the stories of our farmers and producers who work and
live on the land in which they are conscientious stewards. We will look
at the politics, practices, and diversified means by which all of this work is
accomplished. The Concord Food Co-op serves as a vital link in the capital
region’s community food system by initiating programs in the store that promote
local eating.

A community food system is a system in which food production, processing,
distribution, and consumption are integrated to enhance the environmental,
economic, social, and nutritional health of a particular place. From seasonal
produce offerings to local dairy and meat selections, the Co-op has forged
important partnership and relationships with our farmers in building a food
system. Our food system holds sustainability and the growth of a vibrant
local economy as  long-term goals, toward which many in our community of
members strive.

Snow Dragon Mountain Farm