Be Well

Transformational Breath Work®

By Lorna Tobin.

Continuation of article from the March 2016 Natural Buzz Newsletter.LornaTobin

The ancients spoke of the air carrying prana, the life force energy that permeates the universe. They said that we take into our bodies from exposure to sunlight and by eating foods which store it. Through Transformational Breathing, we believe that prana is drawn into the body in great quantity, producing a strong positive energy vibration which alters the electromagnetic field. Negative energy is raised to the positive through the principle of entrainment. As the life force energies enter the body, negative emotions are lifted.

Because of the change in vibration, trauma is permanently cleared and no longer remains in the energy field.  There is no longer a need for analysis, for addressing each issue of the past, nor “fixing” anything. Once a trauma or specific issue is resolved, mental static is quieted and the connection with the soul becomes clearer.  As this takes place, we remember who we are, we act differently and interact differently with our world. As we are changed, the world around us is changed. Transformational Breathing opens and clears restricted breathing patterns producing more energy, increased detoxification, better health, improved respiratory capacity and strengthening of the immune system.

Transformational Breathing clears the subconscious mind which allows us to resolve stress. It permanently clears repressed emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, guilt and depression, which creates more peace, creativity and clarity.  Transformational Breathing connects us to higher dimensions and levels of consciousness and gives us a stronger connection to our higher self, with fuller expression of our spiritual nature. We feel happy despite our problems. Therapeutic use of Transformational Breathing is in pain control, infertility, phobias, stress, PMS, headaches, chronic fatigue, asthma, TMJ, panic attacks, depression, sleep apnea, heart conditions, respiratory ailments, digestive problems, birthing, addictions, and recovery.

The overall result of Transformational Breathing is that we become more present in our life. Transformational Breathing releases endorphins in the blood stream, oxygenates cells and reverses the aging process. Best of all, Transformational Breathing produces deep feelings of love, peace, joy and overall well-being.

You come, experience it!