Be Well

The Best Workout!

By Audrey Burghard, Wellness Coordinator 

 I have spent over 20 years working out and 8 years as a personal trainer. During that time I was often asked “What is the best workout”?
I did as many others have done; I chased the next thing that would make me more fit. But along the way I have come to agree with my good friend and Exercise Physiologist Jason Aziz when he states that the best workout is, whatever gets you moving and enjoying yourself.  I know it sounds too simple and not very scientific.  We often look for magic or some elaborate answer to our inability to adhere to our exercise or nutrition goals.  However, if you give these questions some thought, you will be able to figure out what the best workout is for you. After all, why would you want to do a workout fit for Lance Armstrong?
  • What is my fitness goal?   Are you looking to increase, or maintain your fitness?  Those are really the only 2 options; I don’t imagine anyone wanting to decrease their fitness level!  Are you expecting too much for the amount of time you have to put into it?
  • What am I doing NOW?  What does your workout routine include now?  (lifting weights, cardiovascular work, stretching)
  • Is That Working For You?  Are you happy with your results?  If not, how can you add something that you will enjoy?
At the end of the day, being happy in your own skin is more important than your fitness level.  Enjoying your workouts doubles the value.  You not only receive the physical benefits, but you relieve stress by doing something you enjoy.  If it’s a chore, you most likely will abandon it.  Doing things that we don’t enjoy increases stress.
I hope by now you are thinking, “I always wanted to play golf but I thought it didn’t count as exercise”.  Does it make you move?  Is it enjoyable?  Then by all means, DO IT!  Think outside the box and take a dance class, try a hula hoop, go kayaking or walk to a destination rather than taking your car.
The workout that keeps you showing up day after day:  That’s the best workout!