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Garden Update: Picking Tomatoes in October

We have been harvesting greens, lots of scallions, peppers, cherry tomatoes and root crops.  Micro Mama’s received a large delivery of various root crops and almost 200 bunch of scallion this week for their delicious fermented products. I can’t believe it, but we are still picking tomatoes in October even while wearing thermals! Greg made […]

Shaker Organic Gardens: Signs of Autumn

The latest updates on Shaker Organic Gardens from Stacey Cooper, Co-op Organic Farm Manager I believe fall is here! The wind is whipping today, the deer fence blowing away, apples plummeting to the ground and the farmer wind tossed. Our last round of transplanting was done this week with a bit of fall lettuce, spinach […]

Raise the Beds!

By Stacey Cooper, Co-op Farm Manager I stumbled across an very interesting new method of growing veggie crops, which I have decided to try to incorporate in the gardens here at Shaker Village. The method is inspired by Jean-Martin Fortier, reminiscent of the French Intensive methods used in Europe. The theory goes that by creating […]