Fast, Healthy, Delicious

All Natural SushiLooking for an easy, healthy, fast lunch or dinner? Swing by the Concord Food Co-op’s sushi department! We have partnered with the folks from Hissho Sushi to provide delicious all-natural sushi made fresh every day of the week, during all Co-op store hours. If you happen to catch our expert sushi master behind the counter, he’s happy to make you custom sushi rolls to order, too.
We have many of the traditional raw fish (sashimi) options, and lots of vegan selections. Also check out cooked and vegetarian rolls. Yum! Party platters are available by special order.

Made Fresh Today

The chef starts prepping for his sushi very early by making their exclusive recipe for sushi rice. He will then slice the vegetables, make the sauces, and get things rolling. You can taste the difference, knowing everything is made fresh the same day you buy it. Our sushi chef purchases the seafood, along with all the other products used in our sushi, exclusively from an approved sushi supplier chosen by our executive sushi chef.

Truly All-Natural

What’s so special about this sushi? You may not realize that the vast majority of sushi products are not all-natural. Flavorful sushi sauces and dressings are usually loaded with high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, trans fats, disodium guanylate, MSG, and other sketchy ingredients. The ginger and the wasabi served with sushi is often dyed pink and green. By contrast, everything in our sushi is clean and delicious. At Hissho Sushi, freshly prepared sushi daily on-site is the only way we roll. Every day, our talented chefs prepare delicious sushi that will keep your customers happy and healthy.

Interested in adding sushi to your catering order, call (603) 225-6840 and ask to speak with our sushi chef.

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