Entertainment & Activities




June 3, 2017

On a closed block of Main Street,

in front of the Co-op

Breakfast service from 8:00 – 10:00 am

Spring Into Healthy Giving fair from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Entertainment & Activities

For Families & Adults 

10:00 am Gates open to Castle Courtyard Adventure activities geared toward children 12 and under. There is much to do for families with young children.  The Traveling Barn Yard will be in the center of the courtyard. For a flexible donation, kids can pet their favorite farm animals. The spry and spastic baby goats are always a thrill to watch.  Volunteers with the Friends Program will be offering face-painting and kids crafts. Any donations received at the event will benefit the Friends Emergency Housing Family Shelter.

Diana Erickson, the newly crowned Mrs. New Hampshire America 2017 will be providing Face Painting at SIHG. Diana will also be the official judge for Cow Patty Bingo. Based on the fact she holds a second degree black belt in Taekwondo and has a PhD in Sociology, her declaration of the winner will most likely not be challenged.  Diana volunteers for Thrive Outdoors, Holistic Moms Network, Arthritis Foundation and other local non-profit organizations. Her social platform is based on a healthy lifestyle, connection to nature and minimalism.


The castle courtyard would not be complete without the castle host. The Junior Service League (JSL) brings the courtyard to life with, thanks to the Bow High School Drama Club, royalty walking the grounds. The JSL will be raising funds for the Friends Program Emergency Housing. They will be selling children’s trinket dress up items and for an additional donation, kids can have their picture taken with kings, princesses and super heros. JSL will also be hosting Snap Stations photo booth.

 Co-op Member, Pauline Meridien, Executive Director, said, “Back In The Saddle Equine Therapy Center (B.I.T.S. E.T.C.) has been providing therapeutic riding and equine assisted activities to people 2 to 92 living with disabilities in central NH since 2003.  Come visit with our spokes-horse Mystique, and her friends, and learn how to groom and walk horses.  Our fundraising promotion of “Love Rocks!” gives you a little bit of BITS to take home, with a personalized rock from the stable.  Kids enjoy making their own while waiting their turn to groom the minis.


This is a shout out to the ping pong enthusiast in the community.  Come enjoy a game of table tennis on Main Street while the crowd cheers you on.  The first place winner will receive two tickets to  Amos Lee at the Capitol Arts Center (a $120 value). To be sure you are able to play, sign up today for this family friendly, maybe mildly competitive, Ping Pong competition. Please note that on a best efforts basis we will try to include all participants that register by 10:00am the morning of the event. We encourage you to challenge a friend, local business competitor ect. The competition is open to individuals of all ages. The round robin format will start at 10:30 and is anticipated to take approximately one hour. The finals will start at approximately 11:30.    The entry donation is $15 per person. All proceeds benefit Intown Concord.  For complete rules click here.

 Co-op Member, Executive Director of Intown Concord, Michelle Motuzas Johnson said,
“The concept of bringing all of Concord’s amazing non-profits together for fun, great food, community and fundraising is at the heart of what Intown Concord is all about. Hosting it on our newly transformed downtown has the added bonus of framing what makes Concord so great, it’s people and community, with New Hampshire’s Main Street acting as the perfect backdrop”

12:00-3:00 pm

The Strings & Things band will provide lively music to complement the fun, entertaining activities at Spring into Healthy Giving.

Co-op Member, owner of Strings and Things Music Store, Michael Bilodeau  said,  “The members of the Strings & Things Band are donating their talents to help support Intown Concord’s vision of a lively active revitalized Main Street. We are grateful for the 35 years of local support that Strings & Things Music has enjoyed!”

1:00 – 3:00 pm

The stars of Cow Patty Bingo are Phoenix, owned by Lily, and Winnie, owned by Lia (on the left below). Lily and Lia are members of The Highland Riders 4H at Miles Smith Farm. Both calves will be actively attempting to drop an inaugural pile on Main Street so that a winner can be declared. This is how Cow Patti bingo works. A section of the street is cordoned off and a white chalk line marker is used to make

a grid of squares that are available for purchase for $5 each. (scroll down to the bottom of this page to buy squares!).  If squares are still available the day of the event, they will be a sold up to the start of Cow Patty bingo; approximately 1:00 pm.  Squares

are consecutively assigned as purchased. The calves will be brought into the corralled area. Where one of the calves does his business, a winner is declared and receives 50% of the proceeds. Pope Memorial SPCA receives the balance of the funds raised by Cow Patty Bingo. Click here for complete Cow Patty Bingo Rules!

Watch the video to learn how Cow Patty Bingo works!

The Center for Health Promotion will be will be offering nutrition education materials and playing Health Jeopardy with those who stop by.   The funds raised will go to the Center for Health Promotion’s non-profit REACH Higher scholarship fund which supports individuals in need who wish to take an active role in their own well-being by engaging in the Center’s health and wellness programming.

LauraCo-op member, Laura Scott, the Friends Program, Development Director, said, “Having the opportunity to come together with other local non-profit organizations and businesses for a day of fun and community outreach is exciting.  Being able to be with others that are working to make the Concord community a better place for all of us is inspiring.  Besides, it doesn’t matter how old you are, face painting is magical.”

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Co-op member, Junior Service League, Corresponding Secretary, Donna Hartley said, “In conjunction with JSL’s mission of supporting women and children in crisis, we are proud to again raise money for The Friends Program Emergency Shelter. JSL and the Bow High School Drama Club will be providing a wonderful experience for kids that join us at SIHG’s Castle Courtyard Adventure. The Co-ops dedication to community outreach is one of the reasons that I am a member. Thank you Concord Co-op.”