Shaker Organic Gardens: Signs of Autumn

The latest updates on Shaker Organic Gardens
from Stacey Cooper, Co-op Organic Farm Manager

I believe fall is here! The wind is whipping today, the deer fence blowing away, apples plummeting to the ground and the farmer wind tossed.

Our last round of transplanting was done this week with a bit of fall lettuce, spinach and pac choi.

I have been harvesting root crops, scallions and cabbage in large quantity for the produce department, kitchen, Micro Mama’s and storage. As I empty beds I weed them and either cover crop or cover with plastic to prepare the ground for next year.

I spent this week topping, cleaning and grading our garlic. We will have seed garlic available for sale starting the late next week. Buy your seed now for fall planting!

I’ve harvested about half of our shallots and they are curing in the hoophouse. The rest will come out next week.  Greg is working away on rebuilding the end walls of our hoophouse and doing a fine job of it!

It is a beautiful time of year to be on the farm. Catch up with me here at the Village during the Artisan Festival on September 16th. I’ll be sampling veggies fresh from the farm.