Shaker Organic Garden: September Updates

The latest updates on Shaker Organic Gardens
from Stacey Cooper, Co-op Organic Farm Manager

Our turnips are coming along slowly and our daikon are looking great. Fall spinach was not very successful in germinating, but our late season radish, cabbage and leeks are looking great.

Most of our brassicas have been pulled and added to a new compost pile and the empty areas have been seeded to winter rye. Our cucurbits have tapered down and we left with just a few cucumber and summer squash plants to harvest at this point.

Our Carmen peppers are starting to turn red and our bell peppers have been frequenting the produce department and hot bar.

While our onions and shallots are curing we have topped and bagged a few for this weekend’s Artisan Festival at the Village where we will be sampling our colorful cherry tomatoes and tri-color carrots and selling organic seed garlic, dried herbs, shallots, table garlic and fresh veggies from the garden. We will also be hosting a cut-your-own sunflower table during the event.

Fall preparations continue with covering and seeding beds, pulling irrigation lines, weeding, thinning fall crops, turning our compost piles and general cleaning of equipment and storage areas.

Our late season chard and kale plantings are starting to come into their own and we have been begun harvesting them for the Co-op kitchen.

I’ve been continuing to weed, cover crop, cover and prepare beds for the fall. I’m picking up row cover, hoops etc. from the field and pulling out drip irrigation lines. I’ve screened a large pile of our own compost to prepare our garlic beds with. I tilled in an old patch of rhubarb that never produced and covered it for the winter.

I’ve harvested and washed our last orange carrots and beets for short term storage. The onions and shallots have been topped and the garlic and shallots put into storage.

The last of the cucumber plants have been pulled and only a few summer squash plants remain. The tomatoes seem to have chosen late September to hit peak, which caught me off guard! Our peppers are rapidly turning red and you will see lots in both the produce department and on the hot bar at the Co-op.

A few fall greens are coming along and the kitchen will be making use of our arugula and pac choi.

We have beautiful seed garlic for sale! Contact the Co-op to pre-order yours for fall planting.