Concord Food Co-op

Round-It-Up at the Register 

The Co-op’s Round-It-Up at the Register program is an easy way for Co-op shoppers to donate to local organizations that are making our community a better place. Our Change Matters program provides shoppers an opportunity to help local community-enrichment organizations by making small-change donations, which accumulate into a meaningful contribution for the recipient. Round-It-Up at the Register is a simple program which will empower our shoppers to round their purchase to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to our partnered organization. For example, if a transaction totals $4.51, you will have the option of rounding your purchase up to $5.00 and donating $0.49 to the partner organization.

The monthly recipient organizations for 2020 have been  scheduled (see below).  During the month of August 2019, when a customer Rounded-Up at the register, they  voted for a 2020 nonprofit to receive the monthly Round-it-Up donations.  In June of 2020,  look for in-store, e-news and social media notification for  the program parameters and when the form will be available in the Co-op atrium to nominate 2021 participants.  

From April through years end, $37,217 has been given to local nonprofits through the Round-it-Up at the Register Program.

The  current 2020 Round-it-Up At the Register recipients is:

Upcoming 2020 Monthly Recipients 

Concord Robotics – March

Granite State Dog Recovery- April

Live and Let Live Rescue Farm- May

Equality Health Center- June

Pope Memorial SPCA- July

NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence- Aug

Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation- Sept

Planned Parenthood- Oct

Friendly Kitchen- Nov

Concord Coalition to End Homelessness – Dec

 2019 Past Recipients of Round-it-Up 

Jan. 2020  $5722  NAMI NH (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

December 2019 $6029  Pope Memorial SPCA

November 2019 $3327  Concord Coalition to End Homelessness

October 2019 $3347  Community Action Program

September 2019 $3003.11  Intown Concord

August 2019 $4449.60  Crisis Center of Central NH

July 2019  $3553  Friendly Kitchen

June 2019  $3337  Friends Emergency Shelter

May 2019  $3000.00  CATCH Neighborhood Housing

April 2019  $450  NOFA NH  (First Month of Program)