Ask a Nutritionist

Registered Dietitian Traci Komorek, RD/LD

Ask a Nutritionist

with Registered Dietitian
Traci Komorek, RD/LD

Not sure how to cook those weird greens? Perplexed by parsnips? Confused about omegas? Local dietitian/nutritionist Traci will be on hand to answer your quick health and nutrition questions for FREE! Look for her in the Co-op on the following dates. No registration necessary. First come, first served.
Traci will also have samples of delicious healthy recipe made by the Co-op kitchen chefs or pastry chefs.


About Traci

Traci Komorek, R.D., L.D., is a registered dietitian passionate about helping clients adopt healthier lifestyles. Over the past seven years she has been dedicated to chronic disease prevention, weight management, and child nutrition. She develops food and exercise plans specific to the individual and their busy schedule. She is knowledgeable about whole foods and loves to cook with adults and young children with a focus on getting the entire family involved in a healthy and active lifestyle. Traci is a Plattsburgh State University graduate and completed her internship at Keene State College. She has her own office, Fresh Roots Nutrition, seeing patients of all ages from prenatal nutrition to thyroid conditions to insulin resistance. For more information about Traci, call 603-244-0549 or email

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