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Meet the Farmers

We support local, independent, and organic farmers whenever possible and are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. These are just a few of our many local and regional growers and farmers.

brookford farmBrookford Farm – Canterbury, NH

10.8 miles from the Co-op

“We are a 600-acre diversified farm with 35+ acres in certified organic vegetable production. The farm is also home to cattle, hogs, and chickens, all rotated on pasture as the seasons allow with diets supplemented by organic grain. Our products are distributed to a 250+ member year-round CSA, restaurants, retail stores, and farmers markets. We have a farm store and artisan bakery on site. Milk from our dairy herd is bottled raw or turned into a wide variety of dairy products in our creamery. Located only 15 minutes north of Concord, Brookford Farm is situated along the banks of the Merrimack River in Canterbury, NH. The farm moved from Rollinsford in 2012 to undertake the rewarding task of restoring this former sod farm into productive agricultural land using sustainable methods.”

Contoocook Creamery – Contoocook, NHcontoocook creamery

10.5 miles from the Co-op

“Contoocook Creamery at Bohanan Farm strives to produce milk of the highest quality to provide you and your family with a fresh, wholesome and local product by utilizing the most efficient and environmentally sound practices possible. Contoocook Creamery offers Local, Fresh, Wholesome milk in returnable glass bottles to the Hopkinton/Concord area. We work closely with a cow nutritionist to balance our cows’ diet. Our cows are reproducing their own weight in milk every three weeks! In order to keep them healthy and happy we pay close attention to what they eat. We grow three hundred acres of grass and about one hundred fifty acres of corn.”

Generation Farm – Concord, NH

6.4 miles from the Co-op

“Generation Farm is a small Certified Organic vegetable farm located in Concord NH. Our farm was started in 2012 by young people looking to provide their community with fresh food farmed responsibly. We specialize in salad greens and grow on a few acres of open field as well as two greenhouses for season extension. Sustainability and responsible stewardship of thegeneration farm land is our highest priority. We produce 100% of our electricity through solar power and heat our barn with a wood pellet burner. We never use any type of herbicides or pesticides – even those that are allowed by organic standards do not make the cut here. We cultivate habitat for native beneficial insects alongside our crops as a holistic approach to pest control – ladybugs, lacewings and parasitic wasps are just a few of the small army that maintain balance. We own over 70 acres of forest & wetland surrounding the farm and conserve it as a haven for native flora and fauna. As a certified organic farm we never use GMO seed or synthetic fertilizers. We fertilize & mineralize our soils with only naturally derived products and plenty of rich organic compost. Everything is lovingly grown, harvested and packed by two people who run the farm. We work very hard and take pride in bringing the most sustainable, pure and nutritious food possible to our local community. We are proud to be a part of the next generation in establishing more small sustainable farms for the health and longevity of both society and our environment.”

Good Earth Farm – Weare, NH

20.9 miles from the Co-op

www.goodearthfarmnh.comgood earth farm

“Our family farm is located in Weare, New Hampshire on a parcel of land that has been farmed since the early 1800s. Our field is south-sloping and is surrounded by over a hundred acres of woods. The four greenhouses are located at the top of the hill and receive great sunshine and a constant breeze. It is an ideal location to grow organic bedding plants. We have been certified organic since 1987 and have been growing transplants (or seedlings) for sale for more than 20 years. We are committed to following organic principles and you can be assured that no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth retardants, fungicides or fumigants are used in our greenhouses. All of our plants are started from seed in our own greenhouses. We grow the plants in a compost-based potting soil. You will find that our plants are a lot different from plants that are not grown organically. When you put a compost-based plant into the soil, it has a root ball of nutrients surrounding the roots and will hold its own and grow quickly.”

Kearsarge Gore Farm – Warner, NH

24.7 miles from the Co-op

www.teamkgf.comkearsarge gore farm

“Our farm is 500 acres of fields and woodlands nestled in the foothills of Mt. Kearsage in Warner, New Hampshire. We are a multi-generational, family-run farm dedicated to conservation and preserving the environmental quality of our surroundings. The entire farm is off-grid, using solar panels and gravity fed water. We have been growing organic vegetables for over 25 years. We raise heritage Devon cattle and Dorset sheep. We run a 3,000-tap maple operation that produces the world’s best syrup.”

Micro Mama’s – Weare, NHmicromamas

14.5 miles from the Co-op

“Over 20 years ago I was fortunate to have experienced working for an alternative doctor who helped me open my understanding of the natural world & how our diet comes first in the process of healing our own bodies.Micro Mama’s offers a solution to the one crucial flaw of the Locavore movement – in colder climates, there is a shorter growing season. Micro Mama’s offers a perfect and delicious solution- extend the life of produce with lacto-fermentation, link the grower directly to the consumer, support and stimulate self-sustaining local economy. It’s a win-win-win situation. Locally grown, produced and consumed living food. The formation of Business Supported Agriculture pods, B-pods, creates a series of networks all working together to stimulate local economy by creating a demand for more varied and plentiful fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Micro Mama’s proudly makes Living Foods for Living Beings.”

Middle Branch Farm – New Boston, NH

23.4 miles from the Co-op

“Middle Branch Farm was settled by the Colburn family in the mid 1700’s. Generations of Colburn’s farmed the land producing apples, cider, maple syrup, a variety of vegetables, dairy, eggs, and poultry. In 2000 the Colburn’s sold the farm to the Noonan family, who took stewardship over its 100 acres of rolling pastures, fertile fields, and woodlands. We have continued the tradition of a diversified, sustainable family farm. All of our products are raised and grown utilizing sustainable organic farming practices. The rapidly vanishing rural landscapes of open fields and wooded tracts is best preserved through sustainable family farms. Our members share our committment to open space preservation and sustainable, organic farming practices.”

M & E Farm – Northwood, NH

16.6 miles from the Co-opFatherEsau

“We’re always thrilled when “Father Esau” swings by with some of his fresh local herbs. Esau calls both NH and Jamaica “home” and grows some of of the Co-op’s most creative local produce at M&E Farm in Northwood. Sometimes he brings us hibiscus or nutmeg from Jamaica, but often it’s a weird species of onion or delicious (and otherwise very hard to find) fresh Thai basil.”

In addition to fresh herbs, Father Esau also supplies the Co-op with African Cayenne, Hibiscus, and Nutmeg with Mace, which can be found at the bulk counter.

Owen Farm – Hopkinton, NH

6.6 miles from the Co-opowen farm

Owen Farm LLC. is a family and education learning farm located on Brockway Road in Hopkinton, NH. They have numerous volunteer opportunities, workshops, and events. In addition, Derek Owen is one of the Co-op’s well-known board members. You can visit their website to learn about their current volunteer opportunities or stop by the Co-op to find their products on our shelves.

Sandwich Creamery – North Sandwich, NH

59.4 miles from the Co-op

The Sandwich Creamery is tucked into a small valley at the northern edge of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, an area through which tourists pass or stay seasonally. The creamery was established in 1995 and now produces cow’s milk farmstead cheeses in the following varieties: aged cheddar, smoked cheddar, Caerphilly, Coulommier, Jersey Jack, and brie, as well as a variety of fresh soft cheese spreads.

Shaker Organic Gardens – Canterbury, NHshaker organic gardens

13.9 miles from the Co-op

“The Shakers were farmers as well as innovators and entrepreneurs. They cultivated hundreds of acres each year, producing food and related products for both the Village and the community beyond. Since becoming a museum, these vast and fertile fields have largely laid fallow. Our strategic partnership with the Concord Food Co-op is an opportunity to bring organic farming back to the Village grounds and to honor the Shakers’ agricultural legacy. Beginning in the spring of 2015, the Concord Food Co-op will grow organic fruits and vegetables in the historic Shaker fields and keep bees in the historic Bee House. Cultivating acreage at Canterbury Shaker Village and reviving the tradition of beekeeping, will further transform the Village grounds into a living laboratory and expand the visitor experience and opportunities for learning. The organic fruits and vegetables and subsequent Shaker-branded products will be sold at both the Concord Food Co-op and at the Shaker Box Lunch and Farm Stand.”

Vegetable Ranch – Warner, NHvegetable ranch

21.3 miles from the Co-op

“Vegetable Ranch has grown certified organic produce of exceptional quality for more than twenty years. In 1988, our 125-acre home in the foothills of central New Hampshire became a successful, diversified farm melding traditional organic methods with contemporary knowledge to carry sustainable agriculture forward to new generations. We deeply believe that local organic produce taste better and is better for your health; while organic farming practices makes farms and customers alike better stewards of our environment.Vegetable Ranch is a local source of high quality certified organic produce. From lettuce to tomatoes, spinach to potatoes, from broccoli to squash and peppers, the farmers at the Vegetable Ranch LLC grow more than 40 heirloom and New England vegetables with good nutrition and a healthy environment in mind. Looking for free-range eggs or pasture raised organic bacon and pork? We have that too. Extensive high tunnels and a new storage facility also make it possible for the Vegetable Ranch LLC to provide local produce all year round. There are several ways to bring our exceptional organic products to your table.”