Beer & Cider & Wine

Our beer selection changes seasonally, with rarities that can be difficult to find in other stores. We carry single bottles, four- and six-pack selections. Our standard brands include: Concord Craft; Henniker Brewing Co.; 603 brewery; Kelsen’s; Swift Water Brewing; Big Water Brewery; Oddball; Beara Irish Brewery; Main Beer Co.; 7th Settlement Brewery.

As for Ciders: Rekorderlig; Downeast; Normunbega; Citizen’s Cider; Bantam; Champlain Orchards

This list isn’t everything we carry and we do not have these companies in stock at all times.

We carry choice reds, whites, rose, sparkling, and specialty wines. Our top shelf features local vineyards and wineries including LaBelle Winery, Jewell Towne Vineyards, Hermit Woods Winery, and Coffin Cellars Winery. We also carry national, imported, and organic wines. Expand your palate with our diverse selection of honey wines, or mead, from regional companies such as Sap House Meadery and Moonlight Meadery.


You can simply walk up to our extensive bulk section and fill your container with exactly the amount you want. You can use the bags and containers that we provide at no extra charge, or feel free to bring in your own containers from home to refill (just be sure to get the container’s weight, or “tare,” from a cashier first).

The goodness of whole grains, beans, and legumes forms the backbone of any natural food store, and we have approximately 40 different whole grains, oatmeal (of course!), gluten-free grains, and varieties of rice.  Our bins offer 25 types of colorful beans, lentils, and split peas. Whether you’re looking for trusty chickpeas and black beans or funky heirloom varieties to make your favorite New England baked beans or Indian dal. You’ll find that our dry beans are fresher, more colorful, and better tasting than their conventional bagged counterparts, often requiring less time to cook.

You can flavor your food for pennies with the Co-op’s selection of 50+ bulk herbs and spices. You can also top off your bottles with olive oil, tamari, agave nectar, local raw honey. and local organic maple syrup. Explore our wide selection of certified organic bulk teas. Expand your coffee palette with our organic cold brew coffee on nitrous tap. We even offer bulk kombucha on tap in the produce department from Aqua Vitea.

Other popular favorites include nuts, seeds, nut butters, granola, candy, Equal Exchange fair-trade organic coffee (you can take home a bag of deliciously roasted whole beans or grind them in store) , dried fruit, and more! Fill your jugs with bulk all-natural cleaning products and castile soap, too.

Many of these same products are available on a smaller scale in our New London store.

Cheese & Dairy

We specialize in New Hampshire-made cheese including Heart Song Farm, Robie Farm, Brookford Farm, Agape Homestead Farm, Sawyer’s Artisinal Cheese, Sandwich Creamery, and Huckins Farm. And since cheese making has attained such popularity in Vermont, you’ll also find a good core of regional cheeses in our case, such as West River Creamery, Vermont Creamery, and Maplebrook Farm.

We round out our cheese selection with some of the best authentic European cheeses and unique cheeses from throughout the United States. You’ll find cheese made from goat, sheep, and cow’s milk, as well as specialty products to serve along with your cheese. If you prefer organic, you’ll find several options by Organic Valley and Neighborly Farms of Vermont. Our cheese department highlights crackers that are meant to go with cheese (not compete with it), including locally made Firehook Crackers, as well as quince paste, and Vermont Smoke and Cure sausage. Non-dairy “cheese” can be found in our dairy case.

The dairy case includes a fully stocked dairy cooler with raw milk from Brookford Farm and Benedikt Dairy, organic dairy products from Organic Valley, yogurt, butter, local eggs, and a wide range of vegan alternatives.


The Co-op offers all the essentials as well as a wide variety of specialty items.

The Concord Food Co-op features a wide selection of all your basic pantry needs, including cooking oils, canned food, boxed mixes and salad dressings. In addition, we offer a variety of harder to find items such as vegan replacements, gluten-free options, ghee, local syrups, and more.

We carry a wide range of vegetarian and vegan products throughout the store – from Tofurky “turkey” to the Jackfruit Company, Hodo Soy to Daiya Foods shredded “cheese,” and Coconut Bliss ice cream to an enormous array of “milks” and creamers made from coconut, soy, rice, hemp, oats, almonds…

Because allergies and food sensitivities are a major concern for natural food store shoppers, many of our brands, such as Enjoy Life, offer goods that are egg-free, nut-free, and free of other common allergens.
Our Health & Beauty department offers safe, natural and effective products

Health and Beauty

Both of our Co-op stores offer a wide range of health and beauty products, naturally. Our staff handpicks each item that’s on our shelf to ensure good quality and serve our customers. If you are looking for a product we don’t carry, our staff will happily special order it for you.We offer a wide range of dietary supplements including vitamins, minerals, herbal and homeopathic remedies, protein powders, greens, and more. Some of our key lines include MegaFood, New Chapter, Country Life, Nordic Naturals, Garden of Life, Renew Life, Boiron, Vega, Herb Pharm, Herbal Energetics, and Gaia. We even carry hard-to-find, all-natural products for pregnancy, nursing, new mothers, and babies by brands including Motherlove Herbal Company and Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics.

Looking for personal products you can feel safe putting on your skin? We carry a full selection of natural body care, from soap to eyeliner, tampons to first aid. Our brands include Dr. Bronner’s, Acure, Derma-e, W.S. Badger, Tom’s of Maine, Alaffia, and Andalou. We also carry Do-It-Yourself supplies including carrier oils, essential oils, flower waters, beeswax, bottles, and jars.


 Meat and Poultry

All of the farms we purchase from are free-range and do not use antibiotics or added hormones. We carry certified organic meats; however, our customers particularly enjoy our offerings from hard-to-find New England Farms including Miles Smith, Misty Knoll, Brookford Farm, and North Hollow Farm. These small- and medium-scale farms provide a more humane environment for their grass-fed livestock, and this comes through with healthier meat that is higher in omega 3s and lower in saturated fat. Our quality national organic and natural lines include Applegate Farms, Niman Ranch, Robie Farm, and Smart Chicken.



Many of our beautiful vegetables come from certified organic local farms such as the Vegetable Ranch, Kearsarge Gore Farm, Good Earth Farm, and Shaker Organic Gardens, all just a short jaunt from the Co-op. Strawberries come from Earthbound Farm when in season and organic greens come from Generation Farm in Concord. Brookford Farm in Canterbury supplies vegetables as well as numerous dairy products. We also enjoy herbs, fruit, and vegetables from our neighbors at Black River Produce and Long Wind Farms in Vermont. We also carry specialty items such as Micro Mama’s local and organic fermented vegetables made in Weare.

Our sister store in New London offers seasonal local produce from Muster Field Farm in Sutton, and from other local vendors whenever possible. The selection varies from season to season but we are happy to support our local farmers and provide quality produce to our local community.

These are just a few of our many local and regional growers. Our produce department is one of our crowning glories. Want to know more about our farmers? Click here for an inside look. Not sure how to store your fresh produce once you get it home? Click here for a handy guide on storing fresh produce to reduce waste.