Green Stamps

Green Stamps at the Concord Food Co-op

Welcome to the Concord Co-op Loyalty Rewards Program!

Every time you shop at the Co-op, you can earn valuable Green Stamps! Collect one Green Stamp for every $10 you spend at the Co-op (ie: spend over $10 receive 1 stamp, spend over $20 receive 2 stamps, spend over $30 receive 3 stamps, etc.) Green Stamps can be redeemed for select items at both of our Co-op locations, Concord and New London. Co-op membership isn’t required to collect and redeem Green Stamps. Ask customer service or a cashier for your Green Stamps booklet, and start collecting Green Stamps today!

Double Down Green Stamps at the Concord Food Coop NH
glaslife airtight glass storage containers $49.99 or 100 Green Stamps

Double-Down Green Stamp Days

Keep an eye out for Double-Down Green Stamp Days where you will collect twice the Green Stamps for your entire purchase at both of our Co-op locations. Mark your calendar with the following dates for Double-Down Green Stamps Days or sign up for our email newsletter so you won’t miss out…

  • Thursday, October 2nd
  • Thursday, November 6th
  • Thursday, December 4th

Cash In Your Green Stamps

The Co-op has a wide variety of products available in exchange for your Green Stamps. Products change periodically and we also offer the option to buy many items outright if you don’t want to spend your Green Stamps yet.

Read below to see how many stamps are required for our current products or buy them outright for the price displayed, click the logos or scroll down…
ecolution cookware with green stampsRADA Knives with Green Stamps

Tribest Products

Tribest strive to make the best small kitchen and home appliances designed for healthy lifestyles. Tribest are continually pioneering new and innovative technologies that allow our customers to maximize their health naturally. Tribest products make healthy living easy.

Tribest Products # of Stamps or $ Value
Yolife Yogurt Maker 150 or $59.59
Mason Jar Personal Blender 300 or $129.99
Freshlife Automatic Sprouter 500 or $199.99
Dynablend High Power Blender 500 or $199.99

Non-Toxic Non-Stick Symphony Pans by Ecolution

These PFOA-FREE Hydrolon employ a new WATER BASED application system, marketed exclusively by Ecolution. The Hydrolon brand will only be placed on non-stick coatings that do not contain any PFOA, unlike traditional type non-sticks which use PFOA (old fashioned harsh solvent). Hydrolon is a multi- layer non-stick, similar in that way to traditional type non-stick. All coats use water in place of PFOA (old fashioned harsh solvent) to apply the non-stick. When the non-stick is applied to the metal, the application solvent that evaporates is simply water, greatly reducing emissions. This non-toxic coating is a safer solution for healthy and eco-friendly cooking. These Hydrolon PFOA-Free pans are non-stick are super easy to clean and dishwasher safe, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. Click here to learn more.

Ecolution Pans # of Stamps or $ Value
8″ Fry Pan 50 or $24.99
1.5qt Saucepan with Lid 60 or $29.99
3qt Saucepan with Lid 80 or $39.99
9 1/2″ Fry Pan 80 or $39.99
11″ Fry Pan 80 or $39.99
2 Pc Fry Pan Set 8″ & 9.5″ 80 or $39.99
3qt Saucepan with Lid 80 or $39.99
4 1/2qt Deep Saute Pan with Lid 100 or $49.99
5 3/4qt Chicken Fryer with Lid & Helper Handle 120 or $59.99
8qt Stock Pot with Lid 120 or $59.99

RADA Knives

Rada Cutlery is 100% American Made – raw materials and construction. Rada Mfg. Co. has made and sold over 132,000,000 knives since 1948, earning the reputation for remarkable cutlery, service and value.

RADA Knives # of Stamps or $ Value
Tomato Slicer 15 or $5.99
Regular Paring Knife 15 or $5.99
Carver/Boner 20 or $7.99
Knife Sharpener 20 or $7.99
Bagel Knife 20 or $7.99
Bread Slicer 30 or $10.99
Chef’s Dicer 40 or $14.49
French Chef’s Knife 40 or $15.49
Carving Set 45 or $17.99
Filet Knife w/ Scabbard 50 or $20.99
Meal Prep 75 or $25.99
Serrated Steak 75 or $25.99
All Star Paring 90 or $34.99
Meat Lovers 150 or $54.99
The Starter 150 or $54.99