Grab n Go Deli

Grab-n-Go Deli

Fresh sliced meat at the Concord Food Co-op

If you are looking for prepared foods and local deli meats that are natural and prepared right here in our store, come to the Concord Co-op and taste the difference!

Fresh, Sliced Deli Meats

The Concord Food Co-op now offers deli lunch meat that is prepared by our Chefs in a very special cooking process. The meat is cooked using the sous-vied method. Slow cooked for up to 72 hours at a low temperature for an evenly cooked and juicy slice of meat.

The Co-op Chef’s have selected the below companies for their sous-vied prepared deli meats:

Stonewood Farm All-Natural Turkey from Vermont

  • Turkey-Friendly Barns are un-crowded and open-sided providing lots of fresh air and natural sunlight.
  • All-Natural Turkeys. No hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products are added to their feed.
  • Humane Care “ Just plenty of Vermont air, cold nights, good feed and tender loving care on our family farm” — Paul Stone (Grandpa Stone)
  • The finest All Natural Fresh Turkey. Our Premium quality turkey has superior flavor and juiciness. The slow growth of the turkeys ensure a delicious and naturally self-basting turkey.
  • All Natural. We do not add any preservatives or artificial ingredients.
  • Humanely Harvested. A USDA processing plant is located at our farm and operated by our family. All turkeys are individually hand graded to ensure the highest quality.

Boyden Farm Roast Beef from Vermont

Boyden Farm beef is a healthy, natural alternative to industrially-raised meats. The Farm raises all its own feed — corn and soy silage, hay, and pasture grasses. We use no hormones or fed antibiotics. Our animals are cared for naturally at their own growth rate. Groups are finished in small numbers to limit the quantity of meats at one time. All our meats are sealed in Cryovac® to preserve freshness. Our prices reflect butcher fees as well as farm care costs.

Grab-n-go deli at the Concord Food Co-op

Boar’s Head Premium Deli Meats & Cheeses

We round out our selection of deli meats and cheeses with Boar’s Head premium, all-natural deli offerings.

Fresh Sandwiches & more…

Enjoy our fresh selection of wraps, salads, veggie burgers, and other delicious, all-natural goodies made from scratch daily by our award-winning Café Chefs.