Garden Update: Picking Tomatoes in October

We have been harvesting greens, lots of scallions, peppers, cherry tomatoes and root crops.  Micro Mama’s received a large delivery of various root crops and almost 200 bunch of scallion this week for their delicious fermented products.

I can’t believe it, but we are still picking tomatoes in October even while wearing thermals!

Greg made very quick progress on the second hoop house, which now has a skin on. End walls coming soon!

I have 4 beds prepared for garlic planting and have been weeding and pulling crops from other areas to prepare them for winter. The sunflower stalks have been removed from the field, the chard is being pulled and the last of our leeks will go out next week. Our compost pile for next season is growing by the day!

We have sold all of our garlic, both table and seed!