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Farm Photo Trip

By Shane Smith, Outreach Coordinator

Steve from Musterfield farm
 talking with Paula and Greg
 Well, Geoff, Paula, Greg and I set off for a three day adventure to photograph and video tape some of the diverse farmers and producers we feature here at the Co-op. We called it “Thirty Farms in Three Days”, although the actual number of farms we visited was twenty six.  From apiaries, cider mills and backyard hoop houses to multi generational farms, vegetable ranches and large dairies we sought to capture on film the stories of local diversity and stewardship that represents farming in New Hampshire.  Although we were exhausted by our third twelve hour day traveling long distances in a small car, I know we were all impacted in a powerful way by everyone we spent time with.  I wish you all could go on a similar trip to see the amount of dedication, spirit, intelligence, vision and hard work that goes into a running a small farm.
 The footage we gathered has multiple applications for our store.  Some of the photos are destined for the walls of the Co-op in banner form-sort of a farmer “hall of fame”, so that customers can connect a face to their purchase.  Many other photos are destined for the photo bank in our Marketing Department to be used in newsletters, blogs, podcasts and other web based applications. 
In short there were too many experiences and fascinating things we learned on this trip to list in a single blog so please return often for updates and new photos. From Farm 2 Fork.

Musterfield farm