Donation Requests

Donation Request

The criteria are as follows. The organization must:

  • be a charitable not-for-profit
  • have a non-political and secular mission
  • focus their efforts in New Hampshire
  • be socially and environmentally responsible.
  • do work that is complementary to the Co-op’s mission

Organizations wishing to receive monetary donations, raffle items, food, or other donations from the Concord Cooperative Market, Kearsarge Cooperative Grocer, or the Celery Stick Cafe must send a written request at least 60 days prior.
Please email your request to

or mail it to Concord Cooperative Market, Attn: Marketing, 24 South Main Street, Concord, NH 03301.
We enjoy the opportunity to support a variety of organizations and events in the community. However, due to the large volume of requests that we receive daily, we are not able to approve all donations.

Our Community Partner Program

Also consider applying for our Community Partner Program.

Charitable organizations wishing to be considered to be on our ballot must:

  • meet the criteria (above)
  • submit the application (below)

Learn more about our Community Partners Program

Download the application for our 2014 Calendar Year* – The deadline is June 1, 2013.

*Sorry, the deadline for our 2014 Calendar Year has passed.