Co-op raises $500 for SPNHF on Earth Day

Photo by Maria Noel Groves

by Shane Smith, Outreach Coordinator

New Hampshire is unusually lucky to possess forests, mountains and scenic lakes all within our states boundaries. We enjoy walking, swimming, picnicking, hunting, and working on our lands. Products from the forests and farmland of our great state help sustain us, from the food we eat to the lumber that we use to build our homes.  NH’s economy is largely based on tourism which relies directly on the conservation of our beautiful spaces.
The Society for the Protection of NH Forests has been working to protect NH landscapes since 1901. NH is the fastest growing state in New England and it is projected that within 20 years or so, the southeastern portion of the state will be built up to the point where there will be only developed land and no land left to conserve.
Shane, Paula and Jack Savage from SPNHF

The vision of the Forest Society for the next quarter century is to secure one million acres of NH’s best land for conservation. The Society envisions people caring for lands that sustain dynamic communities with clean water and air, forest and agricultural products, habitat for native plants and animals, scenic beauty, good jobs, and recreational opportunities.

In light of these lofty goals we thought that there was no better organization to partner with than the Forest Society for Earth Day. We want to thank everyone who participated in the 2013 Earth Day shopping bag fundraiser. With each $5 donation Co-op customers received a 2103 Co-op Earth Day reusable canvas bag.  Collectively, we were able to raise $500.