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Cheese for Salads

by Jaimie Jusczyk, Marketing Specialist

During our May Cheesy Wine Down Wednesday tasting class Suzy paired up with the produce department to share with us some yummy cheeses to try with fresh spring salad mix from Generation Farm in Concord, NH.
We tried different kinds of crumbly cheeses including a gorgonzola, goat cheese and a feta. I think I found a new favorite summer salad recipe to serve my guests using the gorgonzola with a sweet dressing.

Then we were spoiled with a Spring cheese from Nettle Meadow in New York, their Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc. This cheese would be perfect in a breakfast crepe with fresh fruit, yum!
An all time favorite of mine was served next, Somerdale Il Truffelino from England. This earthy cheese on a plain cracker stands out with a creamy texture followed by distinct truffle flavor. I enjoy this treat with a glass of The Seeker Malbec.

And the last cheese tried was a local from Hickory Nut Farm, Aged Goat Cheese. This is a perfect cheese to shave over a pasta dish or make a grilled cheese sandwich with some veggies in there, mmm mmmm!
We were also lucky enough to have Steve pouring wines from The Seeker for us. The Seeker sources wines from all over the world including a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, a French Rose, and the malbec I mentioned before from Argentina. These wines are in a great price range and have cool labels that will make you want to travel and see these foreign places all for yourself!

Stop by the Co-op and find all the above mentioned products and more. If you have any questions, Suzy is your go-to girl all about cheese.