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We’ll demystify the world of health and beauty products so that you can choose the right ones for you. Also learn how to make important diet and lifestyle changes to improve your overall health.

By Carolyn Kelly, Founder of Herbal Energetics & InJoy Organics Brought to you by the January edition of the Natural Buzz monthly newsletter. How very fortunate we are to have Nature’s pharmacy available to us! What a relief not to have to rely on vaccines to do the job! One […]

Echinacea & Friends to the Rescue!

By Dr. Madalyn Otto, N.D. Everybody knows that they should “eat healthy”. The research done on the role of diet in prevention and treatment of a number of the top chronic diseases that plague our country is indisputable. We know we should do it, but why don’t we? There are […]

Healthy Eating on a Budget

By Erin Girzone, CPT & Nutrition/Wellness Consultant Brought to you by the Natural Buzz monthly newsletter As someone who makes most of her living coaching clients through indoor workouts, it may seem funny that I am writing this article, but you can’t deny the facts: exercising outdoors has many perks. Let’s […]

The Benefits of Being Active Outdoors

By Lorna Tobin. Continuation of article from the March 2016 Natural Buzz Newsletter. The ancients spoke of the air carrying prana, the life force energy that permeates the universe. They said that we take into our bodies from exposure to sunlight and by eating foods which store it. Through Transformational […]

Transformational Breath Work®

By Jim Readey. Continuation of article from the March 2016 Natural Buzz Newsletter. Myth #2. Yoga is difficult to do False. People might make yoga hard to do because, well, that’s what people do. If you have a good teacher, you’ll learn to practice yoga effortlessly (rather than from ego-driven fear)…and […]

True or False: Yoga is Hard and Scary

by Allison DeStefano, M.Ed, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Whether subtle or blaringly obvious, stress permeates into our lives all of the time. It can present itself in the form of a headache, or as a complete breakdown of the system. Sometimes we are too busy to even notice the small […]

Stress: One of Life’s Constants

By Dr. Amanda Hegnauer, ND, Naturopathic Doctor & Co-op Wellness Educator Balancing hormones is like an intricate dance. It takes time, dedication and persistence to find the right balance. However, with success, you feel elated as all the pieces come together in one elegant movement. Like in dance, there are […]

Women’s Health: Balancing Women’s Hormones

By Kelly Lang, Holistic Health Coach & Co-op Wellness Educator In the age of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, most people are making food choices based on how it will impact their physical health. Sadly, it may not be until one of these conditions surfaces that someone will even think […]

Food & Mood ~ The Missing Link