Bulk Produce

A Mecca of Good Food.

The Start of It All

If one section of the store symbolizes the Co-op and the co-op food store movement, it’s the bulk department. In the 1970s, health-conscious consumers joined force to purchase large bags of organic and natural goods to divide up amongst their families. Why go through all this trouble? Bulk goods were – and remain – the perfect way to save money, reduce packaging waste, and access otherwise hard-to-find health foods. Now we’ve made it easier for you. You don’t have to find five friends to split a 50-pound bag of brown rice. You don’t even have to get a one-pound bag of rice in the grocery department.

How It Works

You can simply walk up to our extensive bulk section and fill your container with exactly the amount you want. You can use the bags and containers that we provide at no extra charge, or feel free to bring in your own containers from home to refill (just be sure to get the container’s weight, or “tare,” from a cashier first).


 The Basics

The selection of products available in bulk nowadays is astounding and always changing as we adapt it to meet our customers’ needs. The goodness of whole grains, beans, and legumes forms the backbone of any natural food store, and we have approximately 40 different whole grains, oatmeal (of course!), gluten-free grains, and varieties of rice from Lundberg Family Farms. You’ll feel like you’ve entered an abundant street market while walking by our bins filled with 25 types of colorful beans, lentils, and split peas. Whether you’re looking for trusty chickpeas and black beans or funky heirloom varieties to make your favorite New England baked beans or Indian dal, the Co-op offers an abundance. You’ll find that our dry beans are fresher, more colorful, and better tasting than their conventional bagged counterparts, often requiring less time to cook.

Explore New Foods & Products

You can flavor your food for pennies with the Co-op’s selection of 50+ bulk herbs and spices from Frontier Co-op, which includes sea salt, xanthan gum, cocoa powder, and other kitchen needs. You can also top off your bottles with olive oil, tamari, agave nectar, local raw honey from Hillside Apiaries, and local organic maple syrup from North Family Farm. Explore our wide selection of certified organic bulk teas, including flavors likeassam, chai tea, German chamomile, chicory root, earl grey, English breakfast, Guardian Spirit, Hibiscus petals, holy basil, luscious licorice, oolong tea, peppermint leaf, raspberry leaf and more. Expand your coffee palette with our organic cold brew coffee on nitrous tap from Nobl Coffee. We even offer bulk kombucha on tap in the produce department from Aqua Vitea.

Other popular favorites include nuts, seeds, nut butters, granola, candy, Equal Exchange fair-trade organic coffee (you can take home a bag of deliciously roasted whole beans or grind them in store) , dried fruit, and more! Fill your jugs with bulk all-natural cleaning products and castile soap, too.

Many of these same products are available on a smaller scale in our New London store.

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Doris, Bulk Buyer

Our Bulk Buyer

Doris McGurrin, Concord Location
bulk@concordfoodcoop.coop or 603-225-6840
Doris has worked at the Sant Bani School, and was a silver/goldsmith for 12 years in her husband, Tom’s, jewelry business. For several years Doris has painted a project for The Friends Program Auction held in the spring. She has been a vegetarian for 45 years. She’s held several positions at the Co-op since she started here in 2006.