Co-op Community

A Message to Co-op Members from the Board

Dear Concord Food Co-operative Member Owners –

The Concord Food Co-operative Board of Directors is pleased to announce the hiring of a new General Manager! Chris Gilbert will be starting as our new GM effective April 4th. Chris brings 27 years of experience in the grocery retail business, and brings strong skills in customer service, merchandising, financial accountability, and supervisory experience. Chris is very much looking forward to being part of a strong customer-oriented Cooperative market. The Board believes that Chris is the right person to help the Co-op emerge as a stronger, more successful organization from last year’s leadership challenges. Chris and his family live in Bow. We will be hosting an Open House in May to celebrate – please stay tuned for details!

The Board wishes to acknowledge and appreciate all those who have helped the Co-op achieve this important milestone:

  • Member-Owners & Shoppers: We would not have a Co-operative Market without you. Thank you for your continued support of the Co-op and for your patience during this transition. We have a great store and a great community – thank you for being a vital part of our success with your continued support.
  • Co-op Staff: Our Staff have collectively worked very hard to keep our Co-operative Market operating smoothly since last summer. Times of transition can be very challenging in any workplace, and our Staff have done a remarkable job staying positive and energetic, working as a team, and going the extra distance to make sure that the work is getting done. The Board is grateful to Staff for their hard work and dedication.
  • Our Interim General Manager: The Board is extremely grateful to Nick Schneider, who ably and affably stepped up to run the store during this interim period. With 20 years of experience at the Co-op, a deep commitment to the Co-op and what it stands for, and remarkable calm combined with a tremendous work ethic, Nick has been a vital factor in our Co-op staying the course through these past several months.
  • Staff & Member Input: Before the search for a new general manager began in earnest last year, a group of Co-op employees gathered input on a job description and the desired qualities of a general manager. In addition, the Co-op Board of Directors and Hiring Committee solicited member and Staff input via a written survey concerning the most important criteria for choosing our next general manager. Thank you to all those who provided us your thoughts – they were very helpful to the Hiring Committee and to the Board.
  • Hiring Committee: The Board is grateful to the Hiring Committee, consisting of Co-op managers Pete Deleault (Finance Manager) and Beverly LaPage (Human Resource Manager), Board members David Marshall (Board President) and Finis Williams (Immediate Past Board President), and Betsy Black (long-time Co-op member and former Board member). The committee’s thoughtfulness and thoroughness were invaluable to this process. The committee screened and interviewed candidates and forwarded finalists for the Board’s consideration and decision.

These are exciting times as we strive to maintain the many good things the Co-op offers to our community while also finding new ways to improve our services. Please stay tuned and join us for the Open House in May.